Been Buying and Making E-Juices For Years

I have been buying, making, selling e-juice for years but there are some bad quality items out there. So I decided to write this post to help newbies or those looking for better quality. Leave your comments below if you have any other pointers.

Tips On How To Find The Best E-Juices

Over the last few years the e-cig industry has seen massive growth. What began as an industry offering an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking has now become a huge mash up of enthusiasts looking for a rich flavorful experience, in addition to those moving from smoking to vaping. As consumers demand a rich and memorable vaping experience, especially as far as taste and aroma are concerned, e-juice makers have to produce a wider selection of flavors.

Since choosing a list of the best e-juices is quite subjective, it’s quite difficult to come up with a standard list of the best flavors out there. However, it is possible to look at some of the main factors that hugely influence the quality of e-juices. This information will help you identify the best e-juices as per your own tastes and preferences.


When you first walk into your first vape store you are going to be overwhelmed with everything they have.The first influencing factor as far as the quality of e-juice is concerned is the appearance. Before you purchase or vape any e-juice flavor, make sure that you first look at it through the bottle. If you can be able to spot any impurities, just remove it from your wish list. Just as you wouldn’t drink visibly contaminated water, you should not vape visibly contaminated e-juice.

In some cases you will find cloudy or overly colored e-juices. This usually represents the use of an unbalanced nicotine solution. Alternatively, it could represent the use of synthetic coloring. Note that these factors represent a low quality product.


ejuice smell

Before you think about vaping any e-liquid, it is recommended that you first smell it. In most cases, what you smell is very close to what it tastes like. Where the e-juice is sweet smelling, you can expect a similar taste when vaping. On the other hand where the smell is sharp, you can expect a sharper throat hit as well. Choose appropriately, as per your taste and preferences.

One of the things to look out for when smelling e-juices is any smells that deviate from the description provided. This is because it indicates that something is wrong; which should be treated as a warning sign.

In a market with an ever increasing e-juice offering, finding your preferred selection can be a headache. There are many other factors that influence your choice of the best e-juices out there; however, the above factors will help you steer clear of low quality varieties, and make the journey to finding your preferred favorites much easier.